Smart LPG Monitoring and Controlling System


  • E. Gowshika
  • S. Sivakumar


LPG Monitoring, Regulator, IOT, Controlling, Wi-Fi Module, App


LPG cylinders are used all over the world even in villages. Because of its versatile nature it is used as a fuel for domestic, industrial, automobile and other purposes. But they are dangerous and also life threatening. Constant vigilance is required for the LPG cylinder and is done by using Internet of Things (IoT). This design of wireless LPG monitoring and controlling system is developed using Wi-Fi module. The technology incorporates Arduino and Android App development. Through the Android app the user can detect the status of the LPG regulator and switch off the regulator if necessary. The additional advantage of the system is that it automatically switches off the LPG regulator at the time set by the user. This system ensures safety and prevents explosion due to unnecessary open of regulator. The system is real time, economical, commercial and cost efficient.




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