Wireless Data Routing with Security Keys


  • Vishal Gupta PG Student,
  • Pankaj Sharma Assistant Professor,
  • Harjas Gill Assistant Professor Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, AIET Faridkot, Punjab, India


Routing protocol, mat lab, AODV, Security and wireless sensor network


Routing in wireless sensor network is basically done through distance approaches where protocols which are generally used: - AODV, DSR. But these techniques are bit old and are not that much efficient because of use only single quality parameter consideration. Along with this security is main concern for the data transmission in network which will provide major advancement in field of wireless communication. But previously work is either done only on routing or individually in security fields. In this paper we introduce the working of distance with the collaboration of throughput in order to enhance the data transfer rate and delay reduction. This also includes the security issues though it can also be overcome by combining our new protocols for routing process with the key based data transfer method which helps in providing fast data transfer than the previous method and also overcomes the major security issue. Here proposed work combines two of the major objectives for QOS of wireless sensor networking to avoid previous consequences.




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Gupta, V., Sharma, P., & Gill, H. (2023). Wireless Data Routing with Security Keys. International Journal of Communication and Computer Technologies, 2(2), 135–138. Retrieved from https://ijccts.org/index.php/pub/article/view/199



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