Spectrum Sensing methods for Cognitive Radio


  • K. Gomathi Kongu Engineering College, India
  • D. Leela Kongu Engineering College, India
  • E.D Kanmani Ruby Kongu Engineering College, India


Cognitive radio, spectrum sensing, Spectrum Hole


Cognitive Radio (CR) is an interesting area of research in recent years. There are wide ranges of applications which can make efficient utilization of white spaces of TV that provides interoperability between various large communications systems. Many research activities have also targeted the utilization of cognition in Warfield, public safety and in disaster management environment. The advancement in the area of software defined radio leads to dynamic access of spectrum that creates intelligent system which can automatically detect available channels in wireless spectrum. It is focused that how cognitive radio can be used in the air ground communication in order to help the soldiers in battle field and to sort out the lack of communication during disaster environment, to address public safety, to use in automation and transportation to benefit the society. A Comparative study of standard spectrum sensing techniques has been carried out and simulations shown in this paper demonstrate the efficient spectrum sensing technique for air ground communication.




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Gomathi, K., Leela, D., & Ruby, E. K. (2023). Spectrum Sensing methods for Cognitive Radio. International Journal of Communication and Computer Technologies, 2(2), 110–114. Retrieved from https://ijccts.org/index.php/pub/article/view/196



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