ANN based D-FACTS for Power Quality Enhancement in Microgrid


  • UDEDEEP SINGH DHILLON Additional Superintendent Engineer, Punjab State Power Corporation Limited, PSEB Head Office, The MALL, Patiala


Quality, Power, Enhancement, Microgrid


This paper proposes the concept of D-STATCOM and adaptive switched filter compensator to mitigate the power quality problems in distributed system. The key parameters for power quality measurements are voltage distortions such as sag & swell, current harmonics caused by different load conditions. A conventional PID controller is used for regulating the dc link voltages of D-FACTS and ASFC controllers to compensate the power quality problems. The parameter tuning of PID controller is the major criteria. A grasshopper optimization is implemented for tuning of PID controller. The GOA based PID controller compensate the 80% of harmonic distortions and voltage distortions. To improve the harmonic distortions and compensate voltage distortions, the dc link voltage can be regulated with ANN controller.




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