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Design of Wireless Smart Class Room Using Embedded Technology


Design of Wireless Smart Class Room Using Embedded Technology

Arjun.PV, Arunraj Vmk, Jithin Ramakrishnan, Mr S.V.Ramanan


Multimedia applications are a very common trend nowadays in classroom teaching. Traditional chalk board system produces a lot of chalk dust which pollutes the air and also affects adversely on the health of students and teachers. Whereas, on the other hand using multimedia in teaching process helps in better learning and understanding. Different international firms like Panasonic, Hitachi are working on developing the technology which can efficiently replace the traditional blackboard. In this project a combined solution or blackboard and classroom monitoring is studied, This design includes two modules, viz, ARM7 board processor for user controlled unit that can be handheld terminal with embedded linux operating system for its software. And the other unit consists of Raspberry-Pi ARM11 board. This is remote unit which is to be connected to the projector through HDMI port. When a person writes on touch screen of the hand held unit using a stylus, the signals are converted into electrical signals and are transmitted wirelessly to the ARM11 board. Wireless transmission is using RF module (Zigbee). ARM11 board processes the signal and displays the written content using projector, Also the Raspberry Pi module can be connected to Wi-Fi network, so that the classroom teaching can be monitored from a distant location, say, Principals office/cabin. Thus, quality of teaching can also be monitored. Further advancements of the system includes attendance monitoring and video monitoring Thus, the complete system is a part of smart classroom resulting in easy and efficient teaching and learning procedures

Keywords: ARM7,Embedded System

Volume: 5 | Issue: Special Issue

Pages: 27-33


Issue Date: Jan - Dec , 2017

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