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Malware Production Using Hybrid AC With Merg FSM Algorithm


Malware Production Using Hybrid AC With Merg FSM Algorithm

J.Deepa, S.Nithya


A large portion of modern computing life is to secure the information that are creating and processing. There are many aspects of information security, ranging from physical access to ensuring that the information has not been changed in any way. One of the most high- profile threats to information integrity is the computer virus. Concomitant Network intrusion detection system is design by using Hybrid AC with Merg_FSM Algorithm is used to inspect packet contents against thousands of predefined malicious patterns. The hybridization of AC with Merg_FSM Algorithm is extracted from the Wu– Manber, Bloom filter, AC (Aho–Corasick) and Merg _ FSM (Finite-state Machine) Algorithm. Many viruses attack patterns that have integrity of computing resources and can cause unwanted alteration or loss of data. In order to accommodate the increasing number of attack patterns and meet the throughput requirement of networks, a successful network intrusion detection system must have a memory-efficient pattern- matching algorithm design. The Hybrid AC with MERG_FSM pattern-matching algorithm will significantly reduce the memory requirement.

Keywords: Algorithmic attacks, embedded system, network security, virus detection

Volume: 5 | Issue: Special Issue

Pages: 18-26


Issue Date: Jan - Dec , 2017

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